I am super excited to be returning to my first artistic home, Ensemble Studio Theatre, this June for their annual one-act festival. Even better is that I get to share the bill with three other Youngblood alum, Zakiyyah Alexander, Amy Fox and Elyzabeth Wilder, all of whom I adore as people and playwrights.

Come check us out in Series C!
Sat, Jun 10-Fri, Jun 30, 2017


05/11/2017 12:48pm

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05/16/2017 2:54pm

I am so happy for your first artistic home. And I would like to congratulate you already for this success. I hope someday you can show us how it looks. May you continue your good works, who knows your hard work will pay off soon. Thank you for sharing your happiness and passion in playwright.

05/23/2017 6:08am

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